Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movin on up! pt 2

Ok, again, thank you to everyone supporting my ads. I promise I will start writing about things other then my f.o.o.t so that more interesting and relevant ads will start popping up. :) So my blogs may be weirdly descriptive/detailed. Sorry :)

I love my apartment so much that it is helping distract me from the fact that I can't go out and enjoy the city yet. I know this may bore many, but for those interested, here is my plan for my room, complete with links and photos.

Here are the first few photos of our new bedroom (please excuse the mess):

The color scheme we are going with is going to be a pop-py red (not actual poppies, just red with a pop), blues (on the lighter/brighter side), brown, and cream/white combos. For the most part :)

Wall #1!

The bed is Malm from Ikea:

I am still stuck as to how to decorate over the bed... Please cast a vote!

If I could afford it...

I would love one of these from Ferm Living

Of course I'm still a sucker for this from Blik

I am also debating a collection of 3 to 4 (8x10) prints lined neatly above the head board. I have narrowed down my favorites from two etsy stores, and could take it two completely different ways.

1. A series of funky/playful images from Toxic Guinea Pig's Shop.The background color can be changed to anyting I want. I would chose from these:

The other option I love is from Unique Art Pendant's Wonderland Collection. I am drawn to this both because I adore classic Alice in Wonderland, but also because I plan to purchase some old hardcover books and transform them into art pieces (more on that when my instruction book arrives in the mail next week!). So while it would not be as colorful, the whimsy would be there. Here are a few of my choices (feel free to peruse the site and let me know if you see another design you like). They would be frames in red, blue, or cream, not sure yet:

My original Idea was to frame an adorable set of quirky cards that I purchased from Paper Source. However, I can't seem to find them in our boxes.... sigh.

I would consider this print and these decals, but then I would feel like I was getting too close to an ikea display... I'd rather get similar art from somewhere like etsy if I could. Plus Im not really a huge flower gal... but man, those huge decals call out to me. why?

especially since I plan to hang this Knappa pendant lamp over the bed

Wall #2!

The chair is a fun little piece I got off of craigslist. Super comfy, and a great place to sit and stare out my window.

The wall will be decorated with my collection of old black and white family photos, but I will be repainting the frames red.

We have a lot missing from this end of the room!

We still need a dresser and a space for James's monitor, so we will either get a sideboard/sofa table for the center and a tall dresser for the corner opposite the blue chair... ooooor we will just get a long low dresser instead of a sideboard. But then what to do with that other corner? hmmmm.... Perhaps... an antique birdcage spray painted in a pop-py color to become home to my future stuffed owl, Errol, made especially for me by the super talented Alisa McPherson (go visit her fabulous etsy shop)?
i like that idea ;)

Here is the window... again, pardon the mess ;)

We definitely need curtains, and while I usually am not a fan of tab top curtains, I like these!

Eventually I need to get some cute material to cover my storage bench under the window, but the sheet does the job for now!

Most of the accessories for the room I already have, and am excited to put them up. I finally am bringing out my small collection of vintage cameras that I have had safely stored for the last few years. I never felt like it was time to put them out, but now there is finally a space for them and I am super excited :) However, there are always those cute little extras one would love should the $$ be endless, sooooo...
Lastly, a few simple accessories that Im drooling over (but will never spend the money on):

Because who doesnt need a snail lamp?

Oh no I just read this is out of stock!!!!! tear... tear...

The following treasures from cb2

1. the ever adorable zuny hippo

2. the carton vase (what can I say I love milk)

3. Hour Glasses to subtley hint to james how much longer he has to turn out the dang light!!! :) hehe

I know, you may be wondering why, for once, there is nothing from Anthropologie that I am oohing and aaahing over.... truth is, I saw something so fabulous yet expensive that it nearly left me in tears, so I will not torture you all (or myself) by posting photos until later. Sigh. Sigh.

Thanks for reading, please chime in, I could use some opinions since none of you can sit here with me in person to brainstorm! I miss you all! And I will post new photos when everything is done :)


.heidi.noelle. said...

I may not have an opinion, but I did want to chime in and say that this was a very fun post to read :) Can't wait to see it when you finish!

Valerie Geary said...

so you should have moved to Oregon so you could: 1. decorate my house; 2. talk my author photo. : ) I may have to make a trip to Boston for #2 because I really don't think I can have anyone else take it... (I just love your work too much!!) I'm envisioning an oak tree, an open field and a swing.... got any ideas? : ) Glad you are settling in!!

Valerie Geary said...

oh and #2 again is "take" not "talk" :P

The Agees said...

I now want to visit Ikea.

Bless you.

Or damn you, I'm not sure which yet.