Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dogs, Jedi, and other important matters

1. Greetings from Igor!!!

Are words needed for his awesomeness? I think not. (which brings me to...)

2. The most glorious yet depressing piece of news I have received, the AWESOMENESS that will be Star Wars in Concert

No, not this:

But THIS!!!!:

I am rather angry that it will only be on the west coast!
I realized it is playing right around the wedding, and could technically come in slightly earlier, or stay another day later, but I know James would flip his lid. And realistically... can't spend the money. But SERIOUSLY!!! sigh.

3. My birthday is coming up in a matter of weeks, and I simply can't get excited for it since I won't be able to go anywhere/do anything for it. However, I may have been able to convince James to let me do a Duck Tour with Alison when she visits, as my present. Yes, it is uber touristy, and yes, I really want to do it anyways! Especially since my abilities to walk, while present again, will be very limited. (which brings me to...)

4. We get "mobility" seats, instead of standing room only, for my first Red Sox game!

Thank you Alison! I can't wait for you to visit, and am planning a fun filled trip! (which brings me to...)

5. While researching for Alison's visit, I have began a separate list of everything I want to do in this next year, and I am so excited to be living here! There are so many areas to explore. Please book your plane tickets soon and come share the adventure with me! Perhaps you may get an award! (which brings me to...)

6. Today, I award my first one of these bad boys:

I have spoken of much awesomness in this post, but I can't give them out over just anything!!! No no!

As I was wrapping up this entry, I hear my awesome husband chanting "Go Jesus, Go Jesus!", so I of course looked up. I found him sitting on our exercise ball, bobbing back and forth, and look further to see that he has tapped our bobble Jesus, and they bobbed together while he chanted. Pure awesomeness to kick off my Sunday morning.

Cheers, Briana