Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Baked" Goods

1. I finally had a Dunkin Donut (the boston kreme to be exact). Fabulous. yum yum yum. I want another.

2. I realized that being a gimp, I could finally watch a few shows that I have not had the time to enjoy. I perused my netflix instant and was excited to find Weeds Season 1. This show is hilarious and strangely enough gives me the munchies just by watching it. :)

3. I had a Dr appt yesterday, but for the sake of not returning to lame ads, my f.o.o.t will be referred to as a cupcake, my boot will be frosting, dr the baker, and hosp. the bakery. :) The rest... try to figure out!

I stopped in the to bakery to have the baker do a 3 week follow up on my cupcake. The baker removed the old covering, inspected the cupcake, and I was finally able to put frosting on the cupcake. The cupcake is mishapen and droopy from not being used much, which made me giggle quite a bit when comparing it to the healthy cupcake. However, I was given the sad news that my cupcake is not strong enough to be used yet, and it has to sit still with the frosting on for at least another month. I can occassionally remove the frosting overnight for comfort and air, and to wash the cupcake when needed, but then the frosting must go right back on. Due to travel and the bakery being closed on national holidays, my next visit to the baker can't be until September 14th. So I have 5 more weeks with the frosting, and the cupcake can't have any pressure/weight, so Im stuck with 2.... um... metal toothpicks to move it around until then.

I have a lot to do between now and then... 2 weddings, a bachelorette party in vegas (luckily it's fine for the show, and by that time the cupcake can sit in the pool if careful), my dads bday, the anniversary of our ireland ceremony, and my own birthday. I blame these new developments on my birthday curse! This simply was not the frosted cupcake I expected for these events. Oh Boo. On the positive side (stretching to see it) , I have plenty of time to edit the two weddings I am shooting, I can catch up on my reading, The rest of my body is starting to look like Im eating tons of (real) cupcakes, but soon I should feel good enough for leg lifts, ab work, and I can do free weights, so I can hopefully fix that soon. 2 days after the frosting is removed, Alison is coming to visit, so I'll do my best to show her around while learning to walk again. After that, I have physical therapy, Stephanie's wedding, and then it is back to work and a normal life.

I'm getting antsy for that.


Valerie Geary said...

tee hee hee... love the part about the toothpicks!! :)

supercommonname said...

i think my favorite ad for this one was "lost weight for your wedding" and yes....i clicked away my friend

the CoR said...

1. Love Dunkin Donuts! I'm addicted to their bacon, egg, and cheese bagels.

2. I love Weeds season 1, but can't stand anything after that. Too much Andy. I hate Andy.

3. The foot/cupcake analogy makes me a little queasy.

Moore Musings said...

I hate Andy too. He is a trash-hole.

Alisa Marie said...

you NEED to netflix instant view Dead Like Me.

*A* said...

I will be easy on you when I come, I promise.