Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello, old friend

Has it really been over a year since I posted here? I'm shocked. True, I have another blog now (for business), but I miss posting here. Truthfully, there is so much that is too personal or too controversial to post in the midst of my photography blog. I need this outlet.

A few weeks ago, I photographed Jill's wedding. As I recently posted about their wedding, I thought back to our discussion that day, and how much I wished I would get back to this blog. So... here I am. I'm not sure how much detail I will get into, but I'm committing myself to one post per week. Even if it is a simple comment or photo. Maybe that will lead me back to the good stuff. :)

Looking forward to it.



Jill said...

YES! YES! YES! Welcome back to your humble beginnings, friend! Nice to have you back! :)

*A* said...

Seriously.... a long time.