Sunday, April 24, 2011

30x30: April check-in

I haven't posted in over a month! I need to give a little more attention to my blog because I know I will regret being so remiss in the future. I grew tired of posting when most of what I had to say was a bit depressing. However, I'm happy to say that I have good news to share... in a few weeks. :) We are currently working out details for the future, but for once there is joy to report, and soon. That feels so good to say.

As far as my list, here is what's up!

Trolley to Doyles:

I finally headed over to Doyle's on the party trolley! James & I took Stephanie to Sam Adams, and we had a good laugh during the trolley ride. The driver has the greatest Boston accent, and played classic rock. It was also a rare beautifully warm March day, so we enjoyed the fresh air. We left with a belly full of Boston Brick Red, & new *free* Sam Adams glasses in hand.

Quirky Boston Brunch & Coffeeshops:

Alison came to visit us a FOURTH time (she has definitely earn
ed her visitor medal), and we headed to The Beehive for a delicious jazz brunch. The highlight for me was the brunch cocktail: The Persian Kitty. Champagne with pomegranate & ginger liquor. That'll make anyone purr.

We also ended up accidentally checking another coffeeshop off of my list. We happened to wander past the Boston Common Coffee Co. The atmosphere wasn't spectacular, but the tea was delicious, and it happened to be across the street from my new favorite used book store, the Brattle Book Shop. I have walked just 1 street away from this store countless times for over a year. It was a good lesson in the benefits of wandering!

Decide my next career path:
I'm not 100% sure how I will execute it, but part of our good news is that it has helped shape my future plans and opportunities. I'll be able to share this in more detail soon. :)

Tumor update:
I had my 6 month check-in, and my x-rays looked perfect! I still have a few more appt's this year, but to be tumor free at this point is a really good sign. I'm on my way to my most important goal. Phew.

I'm happy to say that I already have plans for a few more of these goals to be accomplished in May, so I look forward to checking in at the end of next month. :) But I'll try to post more between now and then... life has been full and I need to share it.

Time to go catch up on all your posts... :)

1. Purchase a pair Warby Parker Glasses
2. Drink a cold Sam Adams while looking at a "cold" Sam Adams
3. Go to Wilmington and take cheesy photos :)
4. Take the trolley to
5. Attend an author signing
6. Skate at
Frog Pond
7. Work through my french text book
8. Attend one of Boston's
quirky brunch options
9. Check a new state off the list (virginia beach)
10. Complete the
Independent coffeeshops of Boston list (8 down, 5 to go)
11. Hug James as much as possible!
12. Decide my next career path
13. See Grace Potter & the Nocturnals in concert
14. Run a full 5k
15. Photograph the Polar plunge
16. Send more letters and cards
17. Own a pair of
18. Cook Julia Childs Poulet au Porto with Artichokes & hollandaise sauce (successfully)
19. Sing along with Carols by Candlelight at Trinity church
20. Watch the Godfather trilogy

21. Surprise someone
22. Take the girls to the Zoo (it keeps eluding us)
23. Enjoy a trip with James that does not involve work, school, or anybody we know!
24. Learn how to whistle loudly
25. Make good use of my library card
26. Swim in
Walden Pond
27. Spot a classic Boston celebrity
28. Camp @
Boston Harbor Islands
29. Complete the
Walks of Greater Boston list (one more completed, a few to go).
30. Be tumor free!