Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30x30: May check-in

Greetings! I finally come with my good news. :) I must start by saying that I have been abundantly blessed over the last few weeks. It's like God has said "hey, yeah, sorry about the past 10 months or so. Let me make it up to you". I know this fabulous streak will not last forever, but I'm riding it out for as long as possible and savoring every moment of it! Yesterday was so ridiculously over the top great, I joked that I was "Reaganing". Much of what happened is not fit for the blog (too difficult to explain, or just better told in person), but I can say work was great, opportunities popped up, plans came together, attitudes were warm and helpful, and to top it all off, just before heading to bed, the lovely Jill bought me a book I had been drooling over (many many squealing/shocked thank you's). I never thought I would say this, but it is a very good thing I didn't see an adorable puppy yesterday. My head would have exploded. In a good way.

The biggest piece if news is that James has been accepted to the PhD program here, at Brandeis. He is fully funded for 5 years. For James, this means that he finally gets to take the last step in his education, that will end with him having an opportunity to pursue teaching, which has been his dream/plan for years. For us, this means we know where we will be for an extended period time, so we can settle into life. Also, we now will stop giving money to school, and start getting it. :) Yay for the chance to pay down our student loans! For me, this means I can finally look at my personal & professional goals, and begin to shape those. Sticking around and having more financial stability is allowing me to take my own steps toward my dreams. With that, I'll begin an update on my 30x30:

Decide my next career path:
Weeeeeee! As I said before, with the funding from the program, we will be a bit more financially stable next year. Because of this, I have the freedom to do something I have wanted to do for a long time: pursue photography! I will still work as a nanny, but only part-time. This will free up much of my week to build the business and see if I have what it takes. I have also been interested in a nursing program, but I know that this is the best time in my life to push my photography, and if I never try, I will always wonder. I have decided to take one year really trying to get business off the ground. This time next year, I can re-evaluate. If things are picking up, I can continue with my business and pull back a bit more from my other job. If I have not had enough success to continue confidently, I will know I have tried, bring it back to hobby/freelance, and begin looking into nursing. I am very excited about this opportunity and I can't wait to see how this year shapes up. In addition to that, I may have an opportunity to coordinate a limited amount of events. The Mad Hatter Tea Party that I coordinated for Kate's 7th birthday was a huge hit. Multiple parents have told me I need to market myself to do this on the side, and I am receiving a lot of support from others. I am not sure how all of this will pan out, but I love and miss event planning, so I look forward to the potential of an additional creative & lucrative outlet. :)

Surprise someone:
This one was vague, and I hope to find other ways to pleasantly surprise people, buuuuut... I'm happy to officially check it off. I had a fortunate stroke of serendipity, and the timing of my recent trip to CA overlapped with my dear old friends surprise birthday party. :) That was enjoyable.

Spot a classic Boston celebrity:
I saw Mark Wahlberg! :) He is filming a new comedy in town, and I came across information for where they were filming, so my friend Mary & I had a good goofy wander past the set before we headed to brunch. I really wanted to ask him to say hi to his mutha for me. Sadly, I do not have a picture of Marky Mark, as I didn't want to be one of those obnoxious people who go all paparazzi, but I do have a picture from outside the set that I may post later. This was the goal I thought would be the least likely, so I was super giddy. Of course, now that I have 5 more years, my fingers are still crossed for Affleck. ;)

Ok, now a quick opinion needed. Due to my ankle being stubborn, there is a chance that I won't be able to accomplish my goal of running a full 5k. I'm speaking to my Dr about it at my next appt. My ankle is looking good, but it may never fully bounce back, so attempting to be a runner may not be the wisest idea. Should my Doctor agree, I am curious... do I stick with the 5k idea and walk jog the best I can? Or do I set a new and more realistic fitness goal? I would LOVE some ideas. Seriously. If I make adjustments, I should try soon!

I look forward to checking in next month. My TOMS will likely be purchased next week, I have coffeeshop plans, and summer is looking prime for wrapping this thing up! :) Also, my bday plans are forming... but that's for another day, another post. Until then... thanks for caring enough to read & respond, I hope you all are equally blessed!

1. Purchase a pair Warby Parker Glasses
2. Drink a cold Sam Adams while looking at a "cold" Sam Adams
3. Go to Wilmington and take cheesy photos :)
4. Take the trolley to Doyle's
5. Attend an author signing
6. Skate at
Frog Pond
7. Work through my french text book
8. Attend one of Boston's quirky brunch options
9. Check a new state off the list (virginia beach)
10. Complete the
Independent coffeeshops of Boston list (8 down, 5 to go)
11. Hug James as much as possible!
12. Decide my next career path
13. See Grace Potter & the Nocturnals in concert
14. Run a full 5k
15. Photograph the Polar plunge
16. Send more letters and cards
17. Own a pair of
18. Cook Julia Childs Poulet au Porto with Artichokes & hollandaise sauce (successfully)
19. Sing along with Carols by Candlelight at Trinity church
20. Watch the Godfather trilogy

21. Surprise someone
22. Take the girls to the Zoo (it keeps eluding us)
23. Enjoy a trip with James that does not involve work, school, or anybody we know!
24. Learn how to whistle loudly
25. Make good use of my library card
26. Swim in
Walden Pond
27. Spot a classic Boston celebrity
28. Camp @
Boston Harbor Islands
29. Complete the
Walks of Greater Boston list (one more completed, a few to go).
30. Be tumor free!


Kellie said...

Hi Bri ~ I know I don't comment much (or have I ever? hmm.) but I do read your blog regularly and really enjoy your writing. Congratulations to you and James for having a plan for the next few years! I'm sure that feels wonderful, after what was surely a time of uncertainty. I will ring in on the 5k issue -- I vote that you stick to your original goal and walk/jog/whatever you need to do. You will NOT be the only one walking during a race if you are apprehensive about that! I think completing your goal in the best way you can given your physical abilities is successfully fulfilling it. It might not look like what you'd hoped, but you can't ask yourself to do something you can't -- or something that would injure you unnecessarily.

Moore Musings said...


Moore Musings said...

Most of the 5k's are a bit too soon for my comfort, as far as accomplishing it on time. I'm thinking of doing the freedom trail 5k or royal rooters 5k city tours, that jog with info breaks, and then doing the Oktoberfest 5k in October. That one is after my birthday, but... likely the best I can do. :)

Jill said...

Wait, you're gonna be married to a doctor?! As we say in Korean, "당신은 행운아 예요!" You can look that one up in your free time! :)

I got a message from the Amazon seller and he said you'll receive the book between June 15-25th. Not sure, why in heaven's name, it takes so long to mail a book, but I'll cross my fingers for you that it arrives much earlier! :)

Super excited for all the good news you're beginning to get! It's about darn time! You deserve all of it!

Love ya!

James David said...

I'm happy for you guys. (And this is me typing in my non-excited voice so it might not be apparent). Now we don't have to visit for at least four years.

I wouldn't do that though, not seeing the both of you for over a year sucks badly enough.


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