Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Movin on up! pt 1

To the East side!
To a deluxe apartment in the sky *cough* or the bottom floor with no pato but still huge and awesome*cough* yyyyyy!
Movin on up,
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the (boston cream) pie!

At last, we have arrived and are beginning to settle in! I was completely shocked by how fabulous our complex, and the apartment itself, has turned out to be. My first day here I exhausted myself crutching between building seeing everything my new home had to offer... here are a few highlights:

*Fitness room- it has AC, hallelujah! There are locker rooms, saunas, plenty of cardio machines all complete with individual televisions (so I can watch my mindless TV while power walking), free weights, machines for every muscle, and more!
I now have NO excuse to be out of shape the next time most of you see me. Except Alison, i'll still be in physical therapy when you get here!

*Screening Room- Imagine my glee to finally arrive in front of our screening room, which is open to reserve whenever we please. Inside this (air conditioned) room is a massive screen, projector, and about 15-20 leather arm chairs. They were kind enough to design the room with enough open space to fit tables, should a party be in order. I hear there will be a film club starting soon. Seriously... thrilled.

*"Rec Room"- complete with cards table, pool table, and a seperate room with flatscreens, fireplace, and many couches & armchairs. hmmmmm happy.

Our apartment itself is huge, I was a bit shocked when we opened the door for the first time. Our ceilings are 10ft, and each window is the size of the sliding glass doors at my old place. I could probably do a full rhythmic gymnastics routine in my living room, if I were not a gimp (and had a smidgin of coordination). Our room is cozy, just big enough for what we need.
I will do my best to post pictures soon, once the landmines have been cleared away. All the clutter that comes with unpacking is a serious hazard to a crutchy!

It is now time for lunch! I will return later to share the items I am drooling over to complete my new room! Sigh. What a horrible time to be bringing in no income! ha.

Cheers, Briana

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