Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Rain Cloud

So, as I stated yesterday, I am choosing to focus on the silver lining. I can handle the cloud. The cloud is big, the cloud is getting in the way of many things, but I can handle it. However, in the spirit of being honest, there are a few times a day where a little pity rain will fall from that cloud and splash me in the face. They typically are easy to move on from, so I am allowing myself to soak them up for a moment before stepping out of the rain. Here are a few droplets...

*I love the Fall. I have been looking forward to fall returning ever since last January! It is my favorite season and this is the best place to experience it. As this season is creeping in, I am now having to limit my activity in order to make it to the surgery. I then will spend the rest of the season with my leg up. Basically my rest starts now

*James and I had been planning our first real vacation (non-working, non-family), aside from our honeymoon, in 6 years. I love to travel, I love spending time with him, and yet we simply have not had the means to take even a weekend away together. We were supposed to go to Montreal over the holidays to snowshoe, frolic, and just BE. I'm deeply sad to be losing that opportunity.

*We have just now stabilized financially from my LAST surgery.... I was excited to finally spend $ once in awhile without feeling guilt! Now I'm back to wondering if I ask for living essentials for my birthday/christmas and sad that I can't seem to find a time where I can just go to the movies or buy those hilarious baby manatee socks without great debate.

* I was enjoying jogging. Needless to say, that will be put off for awhile. ha!

*There is also that pesky "don't put your foot down for a few months" thing.

So I soak it in, step out of the rain, dry off, and try to look at the silver lining again. I think this will happen daily for awhile. I'm hoping That will change though. Especially when I remember things like my new excuse to use the motorized shopping carts.

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