Sunday, September 28, 2008

Work in progress

SO I know I have been MIA, but seeing as this is my first open weekend in a very long time, I have chosen to spend my time being productive. My to-do list for the home has grown very long! I spent most of yesterday shopping with Beast to prepare for my projects. Today will mostly be cleaning, organizing, and prepping for the big transitions next week :)
I will try to post before and afters, for those who enjoy them.

In other news, I finally caught up on the office! woohoo! the hilarity ensues...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Alisa Marie said...

oh o oh! what are your projects!!!! "i'm dying to know!!!!

Moore Musings said...

rearranging/decporating the living room... putting up the frame James made (and I painted)... and updating an old sideboard I bought on craigslist :)

most of it is done, just the side board left. yay.

supercommonname said...

ok, you caught up on the gloriousness that was the office. but have you watched the How I Met Your Mother episode yet?!?!? seriously. I'm putting our friendship on hold until you do.