Monday, September 29, 2008

The countdown begins again

James and I after a long week. :)

I don't know if my body just didn't know how to stop moving, or if it was rebelling and asking me to take the time to do something frivolous, but I could not sleep last night. It is definitely frustrating when you finish up a weekend feeling happy and productive, only to lie awake the entire night after. I need to start my week rested. I am always tired by the end of it, so it is no good to start it that way. ugh. This was one of those mornings where you convince yourself your boss will understand, then luckily you have enough sense when your alarm goes off to accept reality. My reality this morning was I already reset my alarm to the latest I could. My phone seemed to be beeping "No snooze for you!" Hehehe.

Tonight I check in to see if I have jury duty... they waived me last week, but this week I am still on call. Part of me hopes they call me in and I sit there all day. I will be forced to edit photos. I have been a bit of a slacker in that area. Tonight there are two paths laid before me. Come home, check in, discover I am waived again, take nyquil before bed. That, or come home, check in, discover I have to report, pack bag, spend night at Em & Jess's (down street from courthouse), inevitably stay up talking, still tired tomorrow but at least for a good reason. Either plan involve GG & OTH, so I guess my night will enjoyable no matter what.

Here's to another countdown to friday... but then heck, I'll just take a well rested night...


Alisa Marie said...

eh, jury duty ain't so bad. i was on a two week case.... so... one day won't kill anyone.

Moore Musings said...

I actually was HOPING for jury duty so I could sit there, rest my brain, and edit until the called on me. But I got waived. Seriously... so many people hate it... the person who wants it gets waived! ha

Alisa Marie said...

my fav part is to watch people squeal about how important they are to their jobs... and all sorts of excuses. its like come on people. its your DUTY! be a citizen. I am always surprised that the judge doesn't chew them out.