Friday, September 12, 2008

The day after...

To do list:

1. Eat leftovers from cheesecake factory. (yum)
2. Dont tell James you had leftover Keylime cheesecake so he still splits the other piece you brought home  (its their original layered with choco cake... also yum).
3. Watch Tv and/or movie
4. Iron awesome designs onto friends shirts for party tomorrow
5. Read
6. Interrupt James while he works on his article to get hug.
7. Surf internet
8. Decide on new hairstyle
9. Interrupt James again (cause you can never get too many hugs)

Can you think of anything else?


the CoR said...

Excellent list. Hug interruptions are the best kind.

I especially like the Dora the Explorer-esque end to the entry.

Alisa Marie said...

you should get under a blanket and sneak up on James whilst he is working on his computer (its best if he has his ear buds in) and then you when get REALLY close yell out a large RAR. it gets Tad every time.

Moore Musings said...

I like it!
I'll definitely do that today :)