Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best of 2010 (pt2)

Today, I start my seal of awesomeness awards for 2010.

Best independent coffeeshop: Ula Cafe

We stumbled into Ula Cafe after a visit to the Sam Adams Brewery. Now, this cafe goes hand in hand with our brewery trips. These are typically with guests, we are not alcoholics... though James was recognized there by a tour host recently. oops. :) I often wish Ula was closer. The food is unique and delicious. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. I appreciate that their wifi is free, though I never have to use it. Also, the staff likes my monkey hat, so they must be awesome. :)

Best Pub (tie):

I first went this pub for my birthday this year, and it did not disappoint me! We had friends popping in and out for over 4 hours, and were never hassled to move on. The Pig burger is TASTY. I want one right now. :) I have brought many friends here since. A few extra perks: our random parking pass on our "new" jeep lets us park there, the MFA (in all it's glory) is just down the road, AND the place is full of funny pigs. Fabulous.

The skellig is our local pub in Waltham. I can't help but feel like I am back in Dublin the moment I walk in. This Irish pub is a standing favorite with the Waltham crowd. It delivers plenty of guinness, fine ales, ciders, and all the charms-n-trappings of a traditional brogue bar. The food overall is yummy, and their heartier dishes like Guinness beef stew and shepherd's pie are, indeed, worthy of song. BAn added perk, the Skellig features live traditional Irish music nightly. In addition to bands, cute old people showing up with instruments and jam in the main room at any given time. You'd be hard-pressed to find better — and 'tis free, laddie.

Best Visitor: Alison Smidt

I am so grateful to say that I have had many wonderful visitors over this past year! I have dedicated friends! However, this award was no contest. Alison has come to visit 3 times since the move, 2 of those in 2010. I started my year with her (a fun and cold adventure), and towards the end of a very difficult year, she returned and greatly restored my spirits. Our times together have been bustling and joyful, have taken us through 7 states in just over a year, filled us with great beer & even greater food, plus we have shared photo adventures coast to coast. Alison will also help clean your home & watch Harry Potter, which is more valuable than many realize. :) On her most recent trip, she was awarded a Boston Terrier Medal of Awesomeness.
Many thanks to you my friend!!

Best Photo Inspiration: LOST

Say what you may about the finale (which I loved), but LOST was (and will remain) one of the greatest TV shows ever made. My 365 project was it's most enjoyable this year on the days designated for the weekly LOST inspired image.

That's it for installment 1 of the seals of awesomeness. I'll be back soon for more!

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Alisa Marie said...

OK, it took me a while to figure out you were doing a year in review type of thing.

I kept thinking - its 2011 now, no longer 2010~


BTW, i'm back here. i hope.