Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vacation- final days wrap up :)

It's  been a week since I returned and I keep forgetting to post the rest of my highlights... 
here we go!

-Taking Zoe to a movie and eating lots of candy (it's our tradition)
-Eating a HUGE homemade Indian dinner with the fam and 4 guests while discussing Borat intellectually ;) ha
-Making a fantastic collection of silly photos by forcing every dinner guest to smile into a magnifying glass
-Wandering through downtown portland, ME with the family. The shops, museums, bookstores, eateries.... it really is a charming city
-Beals old fashioned ice cream. mmmmmmm.
- Wandering portland again with just James
-spending 2 hours in a coffee shop with James and a crossword puzzle
-Watching slam poets and singer song writers perform in a cafe
-Spectacular July 4th fireworks over the atlantic ocean
-Stopping for fish & chips in Portsmouth, NH . They had a guinness batter. mmmmm.
-Getting in-n-out when we got home. mmm. I missed it.

I think that sums up my trip. I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to the possibility of making it out east to live in the future.... but I like being back in 70 degree weather. haah
It's definitely good to be home!

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