Sunday, August 3, 2008

My bookmark has traveled more then I have this year...

So here is where I am on my 2008 reading list...  I tend to switch things up as I go, but Im happy to be reading so much again!   Im trying to get the books from the library and not buy (saving money), so I occassionally reread a favorite novel while waiting for other books.

Angela's Ashes
Killing yourself to live
High Fidelity (reread)
A Thousand splendid suns
Chronicles of Narnia 4-7 (Prince Caspian, Voyage of the Dawn treader, silver chair, last battle)

In the middle:
Catch me if you can (reread)
Grapes of Wrath

East of Eden
3 cups of tea
The Secret Garden (reread, but I barely remember it from my childhood)
The Canal House
Anna Karenina

I already have 14 listed for 2009. hehe.  *Sigh*   I love reading

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