Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Maine Highlight, hrs 1-29

Last night I spent some time in what was the most peaceful moment of my year. I wandered onto the back porch of this beautiful old house on Bailey Island. The home that provided my family a chance to start over somewhere new and lovely. Those on this side of the island have an opportunity to experience what few on the east coast can: watching the sunset over the water. I curled up into the hammock that chair gently swings in the corner of the porch. It sits just far enough from the rail that I cant put my feet up, so I end up curling into the fetal position and swaying at the mercy of the wind. The air is fresh, and I notice that it slowly begins to rain. Between the twighlight and the movement of the water beyond the yard, it is hard to tell it is raining, but you can smell it in the air. You can faintly hear it as it connects with the grass. I sit and take it all in, not keeping track of time. my youngest sister runs out with a towl in hopes of saving her kitty from the raindrops. I smile as I watch her concerned face pop up here and there as she looks through bushes, her expression  contorted with worry and determination.  I walk out on the grass for a few moments and just stand in the rain. There are few things I love more then that. Then I call in my sister, and we join our family on the porch for our first meal all together in over year...

I have had a wonderful day altogether, but I believe that will be the highlight of my trip.

To comment on the rest, here is a brief overview of Maine so far
- Getting picked up at the Portland amtrack by Huffy & Jason (because how random is that?)
-Watching my father perform with his improvisational music/ spoken word group (my dad is cooler than your dad!)
-Seeing how huge my little sister has grown
-Picking up fresh lobster at the dock down the road
-Taking a family walk through Bailey Island 
-Eating the lobster . mmmmm. yum.
-Presenting Ani's gift (a yr membership at the Y) through my sisters and James doing the YMCA dance. :)
-Making & eating a special dessert (and learning a family tradition)
-Playing board games til early the next morning


Alisa Marie said...

bri, that sounds wonderful! i'm glad you had such a relaxing time with your fam (and with yourself)

Jessica said...

Wooh amtrak!

I'm really glad you guys had such a good time