Monday, June 30, 2008

Have new flip flops, will travel

Im currently sitting on the train on the way to Portland, Maine from Boston. My few days in beantown with James has come to an end, and we are continuing on to see the Fam. I love Boston. The fact that there is a chance we will end up there is pretty exciting. :)   Today is our one year anniversary. Yay.  haha. I must say, we are pretty fantastic. 

I'd write something more serious about this all... but Im pretty tired. ha! That post will come soon. I was not raised to be satisfied in Orange County. It's not in me.

A few highlights from Boston:
-our pilot (who flew us in and out of wisconsin, I might add) was Captain Cheddar
-We ate dinner at Wagamamas both night. My belly is beyond happy.
-We got a ridiculously good deal and was able to stay at the Westin in Copley Square. It has an insane view of the city, was walking distance to most of what we did, across the street from the T... and... they dont call it a Heavenly bed for nothin. I wanted to put it in my suitcase. :)
-my brilliant comparison of dinosaurs to wuzzles
-a plethora fantastic photos
-comparing harvard to Vanguard (O cope has nothing on their library. ha.)
-grass!!! trees!!!  The color green!!!

Things I look forward to in Maine:
-possible kyaking at bailey island
-being with the fam
-Fresh Maine Lobster (yum)
-seeing a new state!
-relaxing. my feet are angry at me after this weekend

"moore" to come soon....


Alisa Marie said...

-come on! O COPE is like the shizzzz.

-also... if i were an airline captain i would make up names like captain cheddar did. Like Captain Crunch, or Captain Poop.

(yes, i resorted to a poop joke.)

Moore Musings said...

I would be captain planet