Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kansas City takes me back to my youth

My infancy, to be exact. I felt like the biggest baby today, in the literal sense. In order to remove my jeans (over my big ol splint cast), I had to lie on my back with my feet in the air, and you would swear I getting my diaper changed. I then go to take my first bath since the surgery (take that baby wipes!), and it was glorious. We wrapped up my leg in plastic, and I had to hang it over the tub, but man was I thrilled. James had to lower me in, and then I was splashing with glee. He then had to help me wash my hair. And when he thought it would be funny to come in with a camera, I stared in confusion, then made a grumpy face (those will be deleted come morning, thank you very much). So basically, while Im not proud to say it, I felt like an infant for nearly an hour this evening, but it was sooooooo worth it to be completely clean again. yay!

Kansas City is suprisingly enjoyable, thanks Jerry and Emily for giving us a lil tour.

Tomorrow's agenda:
wake up, by batteries for ipod speakers, drive another 8.5 hours (bah!), enjoy pt 3 of VU Reunion Tour Across America!

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.heidi.noelle. said...

So I just read your blog about your surgery and it makes me so frustrated, because this is the second time I have heard of something like this (within the last 6 months). I am sorry! :(

Really enjoying reading your adventure across the country!