Monday, July 27, 2009

Colorado is for lovers... of thunder!

Hellooooooo from Colorado Springs! I must admit right now, I continually have to remind myself this is not a vacation. I am moving, I am gone, and I won't be seeing most of you anytime soon... tis a bit surreal.

I am currently lying in bed, with my ankle elevated & wrapped in an ice pack, listening to radiohead on my laptop and thunder out the window. This is probably our 5th storm in the 2 days we have spent here, and I'm loving it! I know many of you think Im crazt for leaving the pleasant weather in SoCal, but I craze cool winds, random drizzles, and natures most fabulous light/percussion shows, so I am eating up the weather here.

Our stop has been a lovely break from the road. To be perfectly honest, 12 hours in the car normally doesnt even phase me too much, but my heavily wrapped and sensitive ankle has made travel a bit difficult! I wish I could videotape the 3 minute process it takes between opening the door and actually stepping out of the car! ha! Despite the pain and the inconvinience, the drive has been quite beautiful and enjoyable. GusGus (my truck) is chugging nicely, and not complaining about the massive weight we have strapped to him. After a 12 hour drive friday, 5 hours of sleep, and another 13 hours in the car, we arrived in Colorado Springs and have spent the past two days relaxing... ok, I have been relaxing both days, James had to spend today unloading the truck, shipping books, replacing springs & shocks, and reloading the car... but we are both happy to be here. We are staying with Dave, Brigette, and their 2 cute scottie pooches. They are the best hosts, and it has been quite cathartic to simply sit and talk with them. Also, I had the wonderful suprise of Jenny (WIllis) Telfer not only bringing her husband + coffee this morning, but she returned for a few hours this afternoon to go through her Greece photos. Between the socializing I have been trying to rest my very aggrivated foot... so I have had my feet up reading or watching hulu. Toss in a few rain showers and some tasty BBQ ... perfection. I am a bit sad to leave tomorrow, as well as nervous about what 4 days in the car may affect my recovery, but I will press on!
Kansas City... here we come!

To keep spirits up, I have begun a very silly photo series entitled "the road between my toes". Essentially, this will be photos of things I want to explore/experience/at least pause to photograph in a way that requires full mobility... plus my bandaged foot. :) So far it has been wildly entertaining (at least for James and me). Look for it in a Barnes & Noble near you soon!

In other news... James did in fact shave his facial into "the chimo". Sigh. Im pretty sure people think he is the reason I am on crutches. Pretty foul... but I admit, the looks do make me chuckle.

I find myself distracted by itunes and having to repress the strong desire to sing along loudly to "Defying Gravity", so I will leave you now. Til next time... remember, only you can prevent Forrest Whittaker...

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