Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello world!

So I have not been updating much... here is a quick update

1. I saw Bond over the weekend. YUM. I mean, talented. Very... talented. mmmmmmm.
2. My website is finally up! Tell your friends to use me for their weddings. :)
3. I find out this week if I get a promotion at work. Im honestly ok either way, I just want to know!!!
4. My shows are about to go on hiatus... but when they return, they bring friends! Yay LOST and scrubs!
5. I have been sick A LOT lately. It's pretty ridiculous.
6. I got to spend 4 days straight with James. yay yay yay. Im sad that thanksgiving weekend is over and we are back to our opposite schedules. sadness. sigh.
7. We have a chunk of our living room wall ripped out. Ahhhhh flooding.
8. The fog is rolling in. I LOVE IT.
9. I desperately want chocolate chip cookies right now. sigh.
10. I need sleep.

sums it up for now.


supercommonname said...

Dude...the fog never left yesterday. All Day Fog. It was awesome. It's like actually winter in the valley. We had like 3 foggy days all of last year. This year we've had 3 so far. Yay!

Valerie Geary said...

Checked out your website and I loved it! It fits your style and as always... your photos are fantastic!

Alisa Marie said...

welcome back!!!

it's an all fog day today!

ok, last year, my school had THREE fog delays. THREE!!!!!

THat hasn't happened since i was in highschool

The Agees said...

Your website looks amazing! I just wish it had a green background.

Wait. I guess it's perfect then.

On an unrelated note, the word verification for this comment is "nodly." This is the best made-up word I've heard this year.