Sunday, November 30, 2008

my new curse

Getting the ends of books given away...

I wont lie... the Harry Potter thing scarred me. Tonight's was not so bad, but still a bummer. I have been reading Anna Karenina for some time now (the book is thick), and was just noting last night how excited I am to be nearing the end. Tonight, I was watching Gilmore Girls while editing, totally tuning out... then tune in just to hear them discussing the ending!!!!


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!!!!! I will post more happy thoughts soon. hehe.

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the CoR said...

Gah! I HATE when that happens. I read straight through the last Harry Potter without taking a break the nite that I got it, and even while at Borders waiting in line for it I was afraid some jerk was gonna drive by and yell the ending out the window just for kicks.