Saturday, February 26, 2011

30x30: February check-in

February has been quite a month!
Here is a brief update of goals that I have reached:

* Skating at Frog Pond. My friend Mary and I took the lil girls to the pond during their vacation. Thankfully, we got to go in the afternoon, so the crowd was half the size as normal! I have never been much of an ice skater, and I could feel just how weak my left foot still is with every push of the skate. Kate and Allie were little rock stars on the ice... oh to be that young and light. Their lack of awareness of the people around them caused a few rather entertaining accidents, the poor people they kept cutting off had sitcom worthy falls.

* Author signings! I have attended my 2nd author signing. The author was Conor Grennan, who wrote the book Little Princes, which I will be reviewing in another post. It was a truly perfect event. Great crowd, the author was funny, honest, and personable. The Brookline Booksmith is one of my favorite places in the city now. Yay.

* Sending more cards and letters. This is something I plan to continue, but I feel I have already managed to accomplish this. I have averaged at least one card or letter to friends since last September. I am particularly proud of this because I am HORRIBLE at sending mail. I find that this makes it hard not to spend money though. I'm always tempted to snag cute cards from the store. I need to remember that just a simple piece of paper can bring just as much joy as a cute card. Or perhaps I should add my own sketches. hehe.

*Make good use of my library card. This too will continue, but if I had to move today,
I could confidently say that I accomplished this. In addition to books,
I have fully taken advantage of the discounted
museum passes that I can check out through the library. It's pretty wonderful!

*Take a trip with James: check!!! Ok, thisis the one I am the most excited about.
We spent a lovely 2 nights in Portsmouth, NH. This was the first trip James and I have taken without friends/family/work/school fighting for our attention since our honeymoon!

The Ale house Inn was even better than I had hoped for. It was so adorably designed that I wanted to move right in. We spent many hours in their lobby, chatting,drinking whiskey, drooling over the special touches.

We have only been to Portsmouth for lunch, so it was great to have a chance to explore the area. We ate a ton of good food, drank great beer, and wandered to our hearts content.

Here is the full list. I'm almost half way done!

1. Purchase a pair Warby Parker Glasses
2. Drink a cold Sam Adams while looking at a "cold" Sam Adams
3. Go to Wilmington and take cheesy photos :)
4. Take the trolley to
5. Attend an author signing
6. Skate at
Frog Pond
7. Work through my french text book
8. Attend one of Boston's
quirky brunch options
9. Check a new state off the list (virginia beach)
10. Complete the
Independent coffeeshops of Boston list (7 down, 6 to go)
11. Hug James as much as possible!
12. Decide my next career path
13. See Grace Potter & the Nocturnals in concert
14. Run a full 5k
15. Photograph the Polar plunge
16. Send more letters and cards
17. Own a pair of
18. Cook Julia Childs Poulet au Porto with Artichokes & hollandaise sauce (successfully)
19. Sing along with Carols by Candlelight at Trinity church
20. Watch the Godfather trilogy

21. Surprise someone
22. Take the girls to the Zoo (it keeps eluding us)
23. Enjoy a trip with James that does not involve work, school, or anybody we know!
24. Learn how to whistle loudly
25. Make good use of my library card
26. Swim in
Walden Pond
27. Spot a classic Boston celebrity
28. Camp @
Boston Harbor Islands
29. Complete the
Walks of Greater Boston list (one more completed, a few to go).
30. Be tumor free!

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