Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A perfect case of the Mondays

James had the day off yesterday, so we decided to venture into Cambridge and ended up having a truly lovely afternoon. So wonderful was this day, that I feel like it is time to bring out the coveted (I like to think) seal of approval...

Today, this award goes to our new favorite coffeeshop, Crema Cafe, in Harvard Square. James and I stumbled upon this place last summer when we were on vacation, and I have thought of it many times since. James rediscovered Crema when looking for a good place to study and consume large amounts of caffeine, and since I was feeling up to the trek this time around, I joined him. Awesomeness ensued.

On it's own, Crema would get a seal of awesomeness already. The location can't get any better, it can be spotted immediately after exiting Harvard T station. Everything they sell is delicious! Or at least the smells and reviews would lead me to believe that! ha. The few things I have tried have been (wait for it)... awesome! :) What I love the most about this cafe is the atmosphere. Inside, it is quiet, full of character, and the employees seem pretty down to earth. Outside... is simply... awesome. In every sense of the word. :) After we settled in at our table, we were surrounded by many interesting characters. To our north, next to the man playing guitar, was King of the hipsters who would get angry being called hipsters. He had a posse. To my left, a mother with her smiling baby, taking a break from their walk. To my right, a group of German students in a heated debate, mostly in German. James tries to place the familiar voices at the table just in front of us, and is ecstatic when he realizes they are the men from NPR's Car Talk, having coffee and cigars with friends. We settle back. James reads his textbook while enjoying his iced coffe. I sip my tea and nearly finish a crossword puzzle... which then gets covered in the last of James drink, and I dry off my book, put a napkin on the page, turn to a puzzle that is dry, and start all over. The mother next to me has lulled the baby to sleep, and her soothing voice is now replaced by the sounds of a didgeridoo and the giggles from the children watching the man who is playing it.

All this and it was only a regular Monday afternoon. :)

It will never be my alta, but I believe I can eventually love it equally for very different reasons. I have a feeling it will become a staple in our "visitors must see" list. Right after Sam Adams Brewery of course. :)

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