Saturday, April 25, 2009

I love the library...

I really do. I got a card at the newport beach library, right down the street from work, and it is a heavenly place. The smell of books, endless options, and free internet if you need it. I could spend an entire day there alone and serene.

I have strayed a bit from my reading list, and will continue to, but that is what happens when you enter a library.

Here is where I am at:
Me talk pretty one day
Three cups of tea
Dress your family in corduroy and denim
Blood Brothers

Report from a Parisian Paradise
The Bell Jar

I may stray further from the list and go with Revolutionary Road next... or return with some Steinbeck.
Oh Steinbeck how I love thee.

For those bored by this, I apologize. For those who love books as much as me, Im betting you are pullin from this list anything you haven't read yet and looking it up/planning to read it... and I love you for that

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supercommonname said... are you JUST NOW discovering the Newport library? That's literally my favorite place down there. Gmar and I would get lost for hours and end up leaving with a plethora of books from the store.