Thursday, October 23, 2008

Putting myself out there!

As most of you know, I do photography work on the side. Seeing as my full time job often exhausts me, I have not been trying to network for months, but Im ready to get back out there again. Ok, maybe Im not quite ready energy-wise again, but I'm ready to get out of debt quicker and that can boost anybody right?

SOOOO.... Im happy to report that I have kinks worked out with my web hosting site, and should have my site up by the first week of November! As soon as that is up, I will be distributing business cards and postcards to coffee shops, college campuses, gyms (the Y has a great board for people in the community to network), etc. If you have any ideas of where else to place these, please let me know!

I will be sure to let you all know when my website is launched! :) yay.


Alisa Marie said...

AWESOME!!!! yeah G-mar getting on the poster! :-D Really excited for yoU!

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